Christmas Delivered

 The Christmas Tree Stand is Philly's one-stop-shop for all of your Christmas needs.  Order online and we'll deliver a tree, stand, lights and wreaths right to your home or business.  

Our delivery service is perfect for those who would like a little help to make their holidays less stressful.  Skip the lines, traffic, and bad weather, and let us do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday. 


Our Trees

Douglas Fir.jpg

Douglas Fir

A long time Philadelphia favorite, our Douglas Firs are grown locally at family farms under 100 miles from the city.  Characterized by soft dark green/blue green needles.  The needles radiate in all directions making Douglas Firs some of the fullest x-mas trees.  They are a great choice for small/medium ornaments. Although not known for great needle retention, locally grown Douglas tend to be the most recently cut trees!

Fraser Fir.jpg

Fraser Fir

This beauty is hands down the best tree for displaying large/heavy ornaments.  Along with its ease for decorating, these trees are also the most fragrant variety we offer.  With a unique look and good needle retention, Fraser firs have loyal customers that wouldn't put any other tree in their living room!