Living Christmas Tree Delivery

Renting a living Christmas tree is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional (and artificial) Christmas trees.

This environmentally conscious and sustainable Christmas Tree is a great option for anyone living in an apartment. Bonus: it’s compatible with Philadelphia fire codes!

Please Note: It’s important to remember this is a living plant and needs to be watered every 1-3 days and should be kept away from a heat source.

Living Christmas Tree Sizes:

  • 3-4’ $100

  • 4-5’ Sold Out

  • 5-6’ Sold Out

The Living Christmas Tree rental includes:

  • Delivery & Setup in December  

  • Sustainable removal (Planting, or keeping it healthy until next season).

  • Post Christmas pick-up dates are Thursday December 27th, Wednesday January 2nd, or Saturday January 5th.  Contact us for alternative dates.

  • Or keep your tree and plant it yourself! 

Delivery Restrictions: 

  • We cannot deliver 4-’5 trees up a full flight of steps due to weight.

  • The Tree has the best chance of surviving if it is kept inside for 7-10 days.